Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's New with Me This Week???

1. I never heard back about that Kindergarten job - betches. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen, so oh well.

2. Dane is still a total terror and looks abused. He has a bruise on his forehead from throwing himself down in his bed. He has a bruise/cut on the side of his mouth from falling on my bed. AND he was playing today and fell from the top bunk and scraped both legs up.

Trouble that kid.

3. My mom and dad are going to KY this Thurs-Sat to scope out the area. Dad is going to interview for that job on Friday- but it really is as good as gotten already. Dad is supposed to start on 11/3 My mom is going to stay here until at least after christmas.

4. I talked to a realtor about our house and it's not good :( Only 10 house in this district have sold - most around 50k :( ugh Honestly, we are willing to take a loss to get out of MI if my parents go - but what we consider to be acceptable may be altered as time goes on. Ideally I would like to be down there before next fall so hunter can start K down there.


6. I watched about 10 min of the presidential debate and I did not know that Charlie Brown's teacher was running for president!?!?! That was all I heard, her voice! :)