Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheap and Easy House Updates

Since we will be listing our house on the market soon; Jamie and I have decided to invest a little money and some sweat equity into the house to prepare it for a sale.

Some of it looks so nice that I am just pizzed we didn't do it for ourselves sooner because most of it has been fairly inexpensive.

Old light fixture - we have two of these.

New light fixtures. Less than $20 for both! I love them!

Old, disgusting - I am embarrassed we had these - door knobs. We have 4 doors right near each other and every single knob was different - tacky.

New doorknobs - $15/door.

New ceiling fan in out room - old one was cut glass and brass -very dated.

Fan - $38 (on clearance - originally over $100)

Medallion - $26

Paint for Medallion - $6

Jamie also replaced all of our brass (aka hideous) light fixture covers for .50 each and I spray painted the closet door knobs to match the medallion. I am starting to become addicted to spray paint!

I also bought this cute plant and pot for $13.50 total to help stage my house :)

The next major projects are going to be painting the dining room and kitchen and then trying to de-clutter and clean every room to get it listed in January :)


Kira said...

OMG I love that ceiling fan! Awesome job!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

I am so jealous of your door knobs!!!! Ahh!!