Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 month

We have been in Kentucky for one month and it's amazing how much our lives have changed already - for the better. I just secured a full-time teaching position for the 2009-2010 school year - YIPPEE!! That could have never happened in Michigan, with the way the job market is up there, it was a lost cause! So I will be teaching All-Day Kindergarten which is what I wanted more than anything :) My emotions are very conflicting right now because I feel so ECSTATIC about getting the job but am having ANXIETY because of how much stuff I now need to do because school starts next Thursday! OH MY! I have 7 days to get my room together - get my lessons planned - get school clothes for me - get school clothes for the boys - etc - etc! Overwhelming to say the least!

Jamie is adapting well to his new job - he seems to like it. He is doing a lot of homecare right now though and down here that equates to HOURS of driving a day - so that kind of stinks.
He just bought himself a new Sirius satellite radio to make the driving more bearable :)

Hunter attended Kindercamp this week (Mon-Wed) and he seemed to enjoy it. He officially starts school next Friday. The kindergarten down here is all-day and I am thankful for that because he could use the extra learning time :) Where Dane will be going to preschool is still undecided. He may be going at the same school Hunter is at BUT only if he qualifies for speech. He already had a preliminary assessment and they think he needs the extra help because he is "backing all of his sounds" according to the speech teacher. If he does qualify he will also be in an all day program. If he doesn't qualify - then I will enroll him in a local, private preschool for 2 or 3 days a week :) That leads me to Baby Colt - I don't know what he is going to do without them two here all day! Oh wait, yes I do - RUN GRANDMA RAGGED! :) I am so blessed that my mom is able to watch Colt while we both work, it will be such a great experience for Colt and Grandma I think. Colt is getting big and bossy! He has a tribal scream that sends you running up the walls when he wants something! He also FINALLY cut 3 more teeth - that brings his total to 7. Well, actually he is "cutting" those teeth right now so we are having lots of drool and fussiness at night but we will make it thru. He can easily say "moooo" "quack quack" "da da" "ba ba" annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, if he is feeling generous, "mama" but he makes me work for that one :) I have a sneaking suspicion that his next word will be Grandma :)

Overall, the fact that we have been here for 1 month is strange because in some ways it feels like we have been here a LOT longer and other ways like we just arrived. There have been moments of "did we do the right thing" but when I think back to what Michigan had to offer us I quickly come to the realization that this is definitely the best choice for us and our boys. The hardest part so far has been to be away from family, but I did make a weekend trip a few weeks ago and we will be going back to Michigan in 3 weeks for my family reunion. I will just have to take lots of road trips when I start to feel lost without them :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TV Judges

Have you ever noticed that ALL TV judges have a bailiff of a different race? Black judges have white bailiffs and white judges have black bailiffs. A lot of them also have the opposite sex too? I wonder why they do that?

Goooooooood Morning!

Had a phone interview this morning at 7:30 for a teaching job, went pretty well (I think!) It is always hard to tell over the phone. She said I should hear something by early next week. Hunter is in the shower getting ready to go to Kindercamp - Day 2. Dane is laying in bed whining, "I am NOT going to get up!" so this should be fun. The baby is running around playing. HE woke up RIGHT before my phone interview started ~ YIKES ~ but fortunately he was really, really good during the interview.

Gotta get Hunter to school. TTFN!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sooooooooooo true!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Seriously. I feel like sh*t. I can't breathe, my head is pounding, I can't decide if I want to puke or eat.... this sucks. AND to top it off, we had all the boys in bed by 9 BUUUUUUT by 10, Hunter was up screaming in one of his night terrors for ohhhhh, 20 minutes. Then I finally get him to sleep and Dane wakes up screaming which wakes up Colt. Seriously? So I take the baby to Jamie in our room, get Dane a bottle of water, just get settled back into my chair with my icepack and Dane starts screaming again b/c he can't get the lid back on the water. Ugh.

So now - Hunter is sleeping in my recliner, Dane is sleeping on the couch and Colt is in our bed. Not one kid where they should be, but I guess i should be happy they are sleeping, eh?

It's just another manic.... Sunday!

Not much going on here. I had a job interview on Thursday and did NOT get the job. BOO! But the principal was very nice when he called and I think that if another position opened I would be top choice :) For now I am going to sub and be happy about it! ;) Besides - subbing will be flexible and that works for me. I won't even know what to do with myself with Hunter and Dane gone ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day long! (YAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hunter will go to Kindercamp next week Mon - Wed from 8:30-11:30. The schools do that so that they get acclimated to the school,teacher, kids before the actually school year starts. I think it's a great idea. Dane is super stoked about going to school this year. He is so mad though b/c kindergarten starts on the 7th and preschool doesn't start until the 17th and he doesn't think that is fair! So it looks like I will be dealing with a crotchety boy for a few weeks until he can go too. I just ordered Dane a Buzz Lightyear backpack and matching lunch box - he's so excited it's adorable.

The baby is getting so vocal! He now can say: mama, dada, baba, "moooo", "quack quack" and of course AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! The last one is his favorite - he likes to scream! He is super mischevious though... lots of fun times ahead me thinks.

OH - I have to tell you something SO freaking exciting that happened yesterday! Highlight of my week! Jamie took Hunter and Dane to see Harry Potter at the movies and the baby took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I HAD 3 1/2 HOURS OF QUIET BLISS! That may seem lame to some of you - but if you NEVER EVER get a break from your kids, you understand. I love my boys - but sometimes mama needs a break. So THANK YOU JAMIE! :) You are the best!

Well - that is all for now - off to read this book called Water For Elephants for the local bookclub. It's actually a pretty good book!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Home & School Screenings

We got back home last night from Michigan - looooong drive! It was so totally worth it though to spend the weekend with family, we made a ton of memories this weekend which I will hold in my heart during the long months we can't see each other.

When we got back into Kentucky last night we stayed at mom and dad's house because the baby was there and I was missing him REALLY bad! Anyway - he was already sleeping - but this morning he climbed up on me and laid his head on my chest for a long time just snuggling. It was so nice to hold him again. But then the cutest thing ever happened - Dane woke up and Colt was so overcome with emotion he kept hugging and kissing Dane over and over and over. Hugs and kisses are rare for Colt so for him to be so enthusiastic was so heart-warming. My boys really really love each other. Dane was just as excited to see him too. Hunter got the same treatment from Colt BUT not as drawn out as it was with Dane.

Today was school assessment day. I am trying to get Dane into the preschool at the school and it appears he may qualify based on his speech evaluation. He will do further evaluations the week of August 10th to see if he qualifies. They both did good overall though - my boys are getting so BIG!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I just typed a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post about our visit and crap - but blogger deleted it.

So here is the synopsis.

1. We came to Michigan to surprise Missy for her birthday.

2. We are going out for birthday dinner tonight.

3. Nate's bday party was yesterday too - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!

4. We are heading back to Kentucky tommorrow.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our New House

is small. It's VERY cute, but small. I didn't really realize how small it was until the first day I was home alone with all three boys. SMALL! It doesn't help that they feel the need to follow me room to room to room. Good thing Kentucky has good weather and they can spend LOTS of time playing outside!

I will have to post some pictures of the house soon -- but I have yet to get my netbook up and running so you will all just have to wait :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


:) Love ya lots!

Now you are _ _ 1/2

There is no way I would reveal your age on the internetz... I am still skeered of you in a healthy mother/daughter way! :)

Back in the saddle...

I have neglected my blog long enough. In fact, the only comments I have received since my last post are from some friendly anonymous posters:

I hope that you are not american because shopping at Wal Mart is the most unamerican thing you can do in this country. Ask Wal Mart why our economy is so bad considering that everything they bring over here is from China, Afghanistan or Taiwan. Way to go American.

This was posted on my Meijer's Sucks/Black Friday post in 2007 where I casually mentioned going to Walmart for deals. GET OVER IT - Does it bring you pleasure to comment on 2 year old blogs that mention Walmart. Really? Someone needs a life.

This other comment is a peach:

I just came across your blog and wow..hope you don't use that potty mouth around your kids.Everything we say around our children, believe me, is remembered and used by them..

LMFAO - oops, I mean "That's funny!" This was posted on my Dane Wars Star Wars post where there is NOT ONE single bad word. Yes, overall, my blog does contain swear words. No one ASKED you to read it, and furthermore - last I checked my kids couldn't read so I think we are safe. I do appreciate your deep concern Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous - you are saving children of the world by your random blog comments. (oh, and just so you know - I have been used to use the occassional cuss word in front of my children - but only if I really mean it!) lol


Anyway, on to important news. We moved. Far. We are now residents of a teeny, tiny town in Kentucky that currently holds the Guiness title for the World's Smallest Walmart. It has been a HUGE adjustment so far - but things are finally settling in. Jamie is working at the local Hospital doing outpatient and homecare and I am trying to secure a job teaching. If I can't secure a position this year - I am going to try to sub this school year to get my foot in the door. The boys like our new house and they really love our new street where they can ride their bikes up and down all day long. The goal is no training wheels by end of summer, we'll see how that goes.

We are still trying to sell our house in Michigan. The bank has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (un)cooperative. So, we are kinda just twiddling our thumbs waiting for them to do something - anything. We have great offers on the table and buyers who want it --- but how long are they willing to wait, ya know?

Well, that is all for now. I have a ton more stories about the boys and how rotten, er, great they are! :)

Love ya all and miss you much!