Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dane must be adopted

Because I know I didn't sleep with Satan and he has certainly become a direct decendant of the devil - for reals.

Middle Child Syndrome
Horrible, Terrible, Awful 3's
New Baby
Big Brother Starting School

It could be anyone of the above factors or (likely) a combination of all of them BUT DAMN!

I have been looking into bootcamps but for some reason 3 years old is too young. I don't understand that - he has got to be as bad, if not worse, some of those pre-teens!

There are times during the day (like when he is sleeping) when he is better, but overall he has found a way to make every waking moment of the day a complex challenge.

I will survive dammit.

I will - he's only three.

Well, if I don't survive - now you know what happened to me ;)


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? He acts just like his grandfather!!!! Hang in there, his teenage years will be book worthy. (evil laugh inserted here)