Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally! Amanda gets Political!

I know, I know - politics are not my thing (or Jamie's thing!) So we decided to get political for the halloween party.

*wink wink*
Jamie was Presidential Candidate McCain's personal physician - funded by Sarah Palin
Hardy-har-har! See the other button is Palin for President ;)
I decided to have fun with the democrats....
What is Obama always asking for? Change
I decided to give Obama what he wants. I am the "Change" he wants!
That makes me a better supporter than the rest of you all - did any of you obamalovers give him what he asked for? No? I didn't think so!


Anonymous said...

I happened on your blog for the vcug info, so sorry. But your political costumes made me laugh out loud. God bless you girl, and your sweet baby.
Shannon Clark