Friday, October 17, 2008

Fa-Reaking Out (just a little)

I am super excited about our upcoming transition to KY (thank to Melissa for pointing out that I will be living in "ky" Dirrrrrrty girl!) BUT I am fa-reaking out a little bit. I am type-A personality - I have to know what we are doing ahead of time and like to plan, plan, plan. But with there being so many unknowns in this venture - there is no planning. ugh.

I am trying to figure out how to coordinate Jamie and I starting full time jobs within a week of each other all while packing up our entire house all while raising our boys all while trying to arrange a place to live in Kentucky.

I am so super excited but just nervous because I know this is a life-changing move. I have never lived anywhere but Michigan and always have had a ton of family around.


Rebecca said...

So is it a done deal now?? Need details, did I miss something??