Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kate Hudson, seriously?

I LOVE Kate Hudson as an actress but she needs to give that boy a haircut! I am all about long/shaggy hair on boys (Dane's hair is pretty shaggy right now) but COME ON!

He also has a very soft face which could be mistaken for a girl - so the long hair does not help.

And the ponytail???? WTF.


Anonymous said...

that's horrible. I thought it was a girl in the picture until I read your post!

Anonymous said...

God forbid anyone, least of all anyone famous, challenge a gender norm! My sons hair is very long and we are proud of it...his father is Alaskan native. I would never think to criticize you OR your children because you choose to have your boys conform to what they "should" look like...I think it's sad that you do it so freely.

Anonymous said...

Poster above: its called a gender "norm" for a reason. If you decide to go against society's "norms" (any of them) be prepared for a little criticism. If you want to swim against the tide, so be it, but dont expect everyone to praise your unusual choices.

Anonymous said...

As it is Kate Hudsons choice and noone elses, it's not for you to criticise I suppose Kate would think that your average boring crew cut is just that average and boring. You do with your Sons hair what you choose and mind your own business. We are talking about friggin hair here right? Girls have been going short for years without problems. We live in a world of ignorance and double standards. Whatever, my 3 year old Son is a rockstar with long hair ...he loves it.... I love it and anyone else that doesn't can kiss both of our asses. :)

Anonymous said...

Its not normal for boys to look like girls

The End :)