Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ran-dumb thoughts

-Why do professional athletes make so much freakin' money. Do some football players really need to make $50 million for 3 years (or probably more) - why not pay him 1/2 that and do something good with the rest of them money. That could be part of his contract "Joe Blow - we are going to give you $25 million for 3 years and donate $25 million to poor, starving children" I dare him to say "HELL TO THE NO" publicly - he would look like an ass. That may just be the key to getting millionaires to help out - humiliate them into doing it. I'm not above that.

-While I'm on the top of assinine amounts of money - I can't believe how much money is spent on politics. Seriously? Hilary spent $212 million dollars to try to get a position that pays $400,000 a year - that's someone who has EXCELLENT business sense - NOT! According to this article, she could have used the money to really make a difference in a lot of people's lives - rather than get diddly squat for it.

It really makes me lose respect for our leaders when they WASTE so much money.

-Ok, so now that I am on politics - I have a new rant. Why in the hell do I have to hear "I'm *insert name here* and I approve this message at the end of EVERY political commercial. I guess I understand it for some commercials if someone is speaking on behalf of the president but there was one on yesterday and the entire commercial was McCain sitting there talking - and at the end it said "I'm JimBob McCain and I approve this message" WTF? Really, you do? I'm glad to know you didn't make all that shit up that you just said.

Whew! I am impressed with myself for tackling politics. That is about as political as I get :)


Melissa said...

good..resume blogging about stuff you know! LMAO...Pretty sure it's John McCain, not jimbob..that is the Duggar dad...

Amanda said...

I should be embarrassed to say I didn't know his first name - but I'm not.

JimBob - John - Susie - whatever his name is he isn't getting my vote!