Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dr's Visit with all 3 monkeys

I had to take all 3 boys to the ped's office last Thursday (yeah, yeah - I know it's been 4 days since then but it's taken me that long to recooperate from the trip!) and it was an interesting visit to say the least. Hunter needed his 4 year shots (3 of them and a finger poke!), Dane needed his 3 yr check-up and Colt needed his 1 month check up. Jamie said I was brave to take all three and I re-butted with "I'm not brave - I have no choice!"

So after we get there they let me know that since Dane had a physical in January, he can't have another one until next year - so he is done before we even start. After we get into the exam room, the nurse does all of the preliminary stuff with Hunter and Colt and we wait for the doctor.

Side Note: Do you know how awkward it is trying to collect a urine sample from a 4 year old??

Anyway, once the doctor comes in he exams Colt first, and behind him I notice Hunter and Dane pointing their butts at each other and making farting noises. I discreetly said, "knock that off boys!" Of course, they didn't. After Colt's exam and Hunter's exam it was shot time - OH BOY!

Hunter knew he was getting the shots, but still was nervous. After each shot his scream got louder and on the 3rd shot he was absolutely crazy! The shots were managable though - it was the finger poke that sent him over the edge. He tried every which way but loose to keep his hand away from her. It took me and a nurse to hold him down and another nurse to do the poking. He acted like they were cutting his finger off. Nosey Dane even got kicked in the face during the finger poke debacle.

So anyway- that was the exciting trip I had.

Post - Note: Dane went pee twice during the 45 minutes we were there and then waited until we were in the car and I was feeding the baby to let me know he had to pee yet again. With really no options available (he couldn't wait while I fed the baby) he just peed his pants.

A perfect ending to a perfectly awful trip :)