Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A day full of bullsh*t and still no answers

I had to take Colt today to Children's Hospital in Detroit for his VCUG and it was horrible. After 3 failed attempts at a catheter (and over an hour of wailing from my little baby) they got nothing. They couldn't get the catheter in far enough into his bladder to fill it up to see if what the issue was.

Honestly - I could have handled him crying thru one catheter and then the test BUT to hear him scream all that time to go thru extra steps AND THEN get no answers - it was horrible - just horrible.

They did get one image of his bladder refluxing up to his kidney, but since they only saw it once I don't really know how much they can tell from that. I think they were willing to try the cath again but I refused. I only allowed them to try the 3rd time b/c the nurse practitioner from the pediatric urology department came down to do it. I told the nurse practitioner to let the doctor know that we are NOT doing another VCUG so he needed another plan of action. Horrible - it was horrible. The technologist made the comment "oh, he's calming down" and I just looked at her and said "honestly, I don't think he has anything left in him"

And just to kick us when were were already down - I realized once I got to the exit of the hospital that i lost my valet parking pass and had to back track all the way thru the hospital looking for it - tears streaming, red eyes - didn't find it but someone else found it within a few minutes and turned it in for me.

Today could not have went worse...