Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I know all 2 of my loyal readers (hopefully 2!) have been dying to hear about my bewbies - so here goes.

Breastfeeding Guide for New Moms

Week 1:
Feed baby every 2-3 hours as recommended.

At Night: Jump up at first sound of baby every 2-3 hours. Nurse baby until he starts to doze off - change his diaper to wake him up - nurse again until he is satisfied and then put back in in bassinet.

Week 2:
Feed baby every 3 hours (Milk is definitely in - so baby doesn't need to eat as often.)

At Night: Moan at first sound of baby - nurse until baby starts to doze - change diapers - nurse again until you realize it is 3 hours later, your boob is still flopping in the wind and you were sleeping sitting straight up on the couch - nurse again because it's been 3 hours - go back to bed.

Week 3 and on:
Feed baby whenever they scream (but only after they have really cleared out their lungs!)

At Night: Act like you don't hear baby fussing until it may wake up your other kids (you do NOT want the other kids up in the middle of the night!) Reach over and flip out your bewb and pop in babies mouth b/c he is laying right next to you b/c it takes too much time to get up and down all night. Go back to sleep. When you hear baby fuss again, put away first bewb and pop the other one into his mouth. At some point, change his diaper IF it feels full. Go back to sleep.



Irish said...


Emmy said...

So true! Only I think that might have been Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 for me LOL! I didn't even try the first two with baby two!

Rebecca said...

yeah, that's about it.

add an evening cluster feed (that's the nice way of saying you give the baby you bewbie at 5:30, and you get them back somewhere around 9 or so) for me.

Anonymous said...

Geeeze, you make it sound so easy. I wonder why everyone doesn't breast feed?

Heather said...

Thanks for the morning giggle!

Tracy said...


Erick said...

Heh heh ... bewbies. :)