Thursday, February 26, 2009

You NEED this!

Holy Shit - this forehead thermometer is the coolest invention! I have procrastinated buying one because they are more expensive and I am cheap. But since I have broken/ruined (with the help of some dwarfs I know) 3 cheapie thermometers in the past year, I thought "What the hell- I'm getting the one I want!" Granted, it was only $29.99 and I am acting like it was a forture, but still!

I also used to have an ear thermometer. Whoever invented the ear thermometer is the debbil. Seriously. I could never EVER get an accurate read with my ear thermometer. I always had the thermometer at the wrong angle or it was too big for the baby's ear. It was a horrible experience. So then I moved on to the trusty ole regular thermometer, but even though have to be placed just right and I was always second guessing myself if the temp was accurate enough... blah blah blah.

That is why it is so great the forehead thermometer is idiot proof! (Yes, I am calling myself an idiot. I must be an idiot to write an entire blog post about a thermometer) You just touch it to your forehead, move it across your forehead and VIOLA! you have your temp. Super easy and accurate.

(As a side note, while looking for a picture for this post - I realized they also make "talking" forehead thermometers! I wish I had known that last week!!!)