Monday, February 2, 2009

And so it is....

Yesterday was my 30th birthday - the big 3-0. It was sooooooooooo super skeery!

Ok, not really.

I did/do not care.

The only thing that 30 brought to me was a day of reflection. First, it feels like I was 18 yesterday. I don't think anyone young realizes how fast time flies - it's almost unbelieveable. Secondly, I am very happy that my age is finally catching up to my gray hair - it was embarrassing being in my 20's with all that gray!

Third, I honestly have been "30" for quite some time. I never really partied or lived it up. Don't get me wrong - I've had a few drunken "can't remember anything past 10pm" nights in my life, but overall - I really have been drunk less than 10 times (I count the cruise as one long drunk-fest, not individual days :) So, it's not like I'm old now - I've always been old. Some people say you need to get the partying "out of your system" while you are younger, but eh - I just don't have it in me to waste all that money on alcohol. I am wayyyyy to cheap for that. (Actually I believe the bargain hunter in me has steered me clear of excessing drinking, smoking and drugs - I am not too smart for it - just too cheap!)

Which brings me to my next point. How can I be upset about 30 when my life is so great??? I love my boys to death, Jamie is a GREAT husband and our future is looking bright! Who could be upset with the life I lead? (well except for obesity, but I am working on that!) I don't acknowledge it everyday - but I truly am blessed. I have great parents, a wonderful family as well as a decent (mostly) extended family (yes, I am talking about you Melissa!) I have truly loyal friends and even Erick, my "I wish I was hetero" bestest friend ever! I really have little to complaint about - I even get naps almost daily (you wish you had my mad "getting the boys to sleep at the same time" skills) and all of my friends and family don't call me during my nap time! lol Seriously, how can I complain?

So that's it - I'm 30. No big deal. Actually, it's awesome. I hope everyone can be as happy at 30 as I am :)

The only thing that will make 30 better is when Jamie turns 30 on Friday - then he's officially OLD too :)


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!

I didn't think 30 was that bad at all! Much better than my twenties!

Erick said...

Oh no, you did not just say that. I am so, like, totally hetero! For sure, girlfriend!

Amanda - Top or Bottom of the World said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday

The Beach Life said...

I love the way you look at life Amanda! Hey, I'll be 34 next month and honestly, I love being in my thirties!