Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's Catch Up!

1. I had a phone interview with Jefferson County Schools! I am officially in the pool of teachers for the 2009-2010 school year - wahooooooooo!

2. Jamie turned 30 also - so now he can't call me the old hag! (not that he did, but even if he wanted to now - he couldn't!)

3. I totalled my car by hitting a pot hole. Seriously. Gotta love Michigan roads!

4. I sold above car for $400 bucks whereas I could have gotten at least 1200 for a trade in if I hadn't waited too long. Such is life.

5. I bought a new car! Well, new to me! It is a 2005 Ford Freestyle. I am in looooooooooooove! I got a great deal on it too!

6. I found out Hunter is not *getting it* at school. It really hurt to hear it BUT it motivated me to really work with him on letter recognition and letter sounds and I have already noticed a significant change in last week or two.

7. I was thinking about putting Dane back into preschool for a few mornings a week, but now that we have a new vehicle and extra expenses I am gonna wait and reevaluate. I don't really think he needs school, but I think he might like it for the social aspect.

8. Colt is getting wayyyyy to fast army crawling around here! He also has 2 teeth now and likes to see if he can get you to scream when he bites you, fun stuff! He is waving hello and bye bye, shaking his head "no" and also sticking his tongue out. He is so freakin' cute!

9. My mom had a birthday! I may have forgotten to tell her Happy Birthday right away on the 15th, but I still love her!

10. Dad is still in Kentucky working. We all hope to be down there by August - and by all I mean MOM and all :)


Anonymous said...

About freaking time you blogged again. I was getting worried about you. Love your "new" car.