Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This was not a recording, it was an actual conversation....

Dane: Look at my wiener!!!!

Mom: I don't want to see your wiener, get it in your pants.

D: Sometimes my wiener gets big, but you didn't see it.

M: Oh really? Nice to know

D: It happens when I sleep sometimes.

M: Nice.

D: You wanna see it next time

M: Oh yes, I would love to see it- please make sure to tell me (insert eye roll here)

- - - - -
Fast-forward 6 hours later after nap time

D: MOMMMMMM! Come here. (he was just waking up from nap)

M: What Dane? I don't want to come in there.

D: But my wieners big!

M: Greatttttttttt.


Mostawesomepersonever said...

I had a similar conversation with my boyfriend! said...

lmao, I've had that convo before!

rollercoasterfamilylife said...

I've had that conversation in the car. Yds says "I can't get buckled in because my penis is BIG!" (he starts wigging everywhere).

I said: "well, punch yourself & it will get smaller." (laughing to myself thinking this probably wasn't the best thing to say).

Yds starts smacking himself, crying & then gets buckled.

Oh my.

Jennifer said...

omg that is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!!!