Thursday, February 26, 2009

The (ex) Flint Mayor is a crook

Plain and simple. He is the sleaziest, wierdest, most pompous man! (Oh and ugly too!) EX- Mayor Don Williamson who refused salary while he was mayor is now requesting ALL of his backpay because he "deserves it." What a louse.

Does he not realize that the main reason he got elected, re-elected and not recalled was BECAUSE he wasn't getting paid? Do you really think people thought he was a good mayor? The fact that he wants all that back pay is scandalous because he wouldn't have gotten elected in the first place if he hadn't said that. (of course that is my own personal opinion)

Oh, and his "retirement" --- right! It's soooooo coincidental that he decided to retire the WEEK before his recall election. I understand getting out while the getting out is good, but still don't pretend like you wanted to retire, you should have just said it like it was "I was about to get the boot for being a jackass so I took my fate in my own hands"

If the city of Flint gives him this supposed backpay it will be absolutely ridiculous. Don Williamson is a scam-artist and deserves NO money.