Friday, January 2, 2009

A Reflection


Hmmm, this year was a rollercoaster of a year for sure.

First and foremost, we completed our family in May with the addition of Colt, our 3rd and last son. It's a wierd feeling to feel "complete" as a mother, but I totally do. Jamie and I had talked about Dane being our last baby, but even within hours of delivering him I just knew I wasn't done. It was wierd, usually the LAST thing a woman thinks about just after delivery is NOT giving birth again.

We also were faced with the reality that Colt's kidney issues that were noticed in utero were not going to resolve itself and we have spent many a hour at Children's Hospital of Detroit with him and will likely spend many, many more in the years to come. To refresh your memory, his right kidney did not develop normally and therefore only a small portion (20-25%) of it works at all, and on top of that - the kidney has grade V reflux (the worst there can be) and hydronephrosis. All around, it's almost useless. NOW TO THE GOOD NEWS - We are fortunate that he has not had any complications resulting from all those issues. It is common for children with reflux to get numerous bladder infections and Colt has not had one at all. He actually has been my healthiest baby ever as far as illness/fever/colds go, go figure.

Colt is just over 7 months now and starting to try to crawl. He does this thing that is not quite an army crawl, but it's more like a push one leg up stiff, and then throw his body forward. Whatever works - he is becoming too mobile for my likings. He has started to wave hi and bye and has a killer smile. He has been by far the happiest baby I have had and loves to play on the floor with his toys for long periods of time. Watch out though, when he's done - he's done and he has the cutest, fakest screechy cry when he thinks you might not be picking him up. It can be cute, but only sometimes.

Hunter started school this year. *sniff sniff* It's hard to see him becoming such a big boy. (Almost as hard as it is to drag the other 2 kids to the bus stop 2 times a day, but that's for another not so positive post!) He is actually in young 5's because he just was not ready for kindergarten. It has proved to be a blessing, he is gaining skills he will need for kindergarten next year and his teacher is beyond amazing with him. We are so fortunate to have such a adorable, loving boy.

Dane, oh Dane. 2008 has proved to be a trying year for you, and therefore Jamie and I :) The addition of Colt was difficult for Dane. Oh, he loves Colt to death - but he was super jealous and resorted back to becoming quite dependent (which is crazy b/c he was SUPER independent) and even peeing his pants again. He is starting to get better now. As I noticed with Hunter, three's are much harder than two's and it proved to be true with Dane as well. I never realized life was so hard for kids :) He is amazingly adorable though, and I just love his shaggy hair and his *big lip* kisses that I get all day long.

Jamie has had quite a few changes this year. He has had a few job transitions, with the most recent one being this week. Hopefully he can find happiness and peace inside of a job he truly loves. I can not express in words how awesome of a father he is (he can be a pretty snazzy hubby too if he tries :) He is never too busy for a wrestling match or a quick video game with his boys. He doesn't care if they only play in the snow for 10 minutes - he will certainly take the 20 minutes it takes to get them all bundled up. AND, he often gets up with the kids so that I can sleep in. He rocks, seriously. I love him to death (didn't I pledge that somewhere???) He even went and had the big *V* this year to ensure our family was complete. He was scared to death, but thoughtful enough of a man to know how much easier it is for men to take care of than woman. I only wish everyone could have someone as great as he is. (oh, but he is absent-minded like a mug. Do NOT ask him to tell someone something or bring something home from the store - not-gonna-happen) :)

My mom is starting to feel better again (well, most days anyway) and we are all blessed to have her as a part of our lives. It was scary there for a while and we were all immensly worried about her. I think 2009 is going to bring her even more prosperity and health EVEN if she doesn't think so :)

This year also brought the closing of my dad's plant; a place where he worked many, many years. It was a hard thing to hear for him, but fortunately he is such an amazing worker and so extremely good at what he does, a buddy of his who is working in Kentucky called and offered dad a job the day after he learned of the plant closing. Even though it seemed a world away, it was the only prospect for him. Unfortunately, the economy in our area is so horribly bad, EVERY industry is hurting. So, currently dad is working in Kentucky, coming home when he can and doing the best he can. The funny thing is - I am probably closer to him than I have been in years b/c we talk much more. It's wierd what you take for granted when it is right in front of your face.

AND - since dad has been displaced, Jamie and I are hoping to make the move to Kentucky this year (even if we have to drag mom kicking and screaming!) Jamie has wanted to move south for a looooooong time, and I was dragging my heels because of my parents being here. Well, now they will be there - so Kentucky here we come! Of course a few things need to fall into place - me securing a teaching position, finding reasonable housing and of course trying to sell this "investment" YEAH RIGHT of a house. We know the chance of it selling is so freaking slim, but we have to try.

So, knowing what I know about 2008 - I have a feeling that 2009 is going to bring even more change and challenges for us but we are super excited at the prospects of it.

OH - I forgot about me! That is something that is easy to do when you are a mom. Anyway, this year was the last year I will ever hold my own newborn in my hands and have to overwhelming feeling of love for a new little man that I have been carrying for so long. I really do feel complete as a family, but those moments are sooooooooo special it's hard to think you will never have another.

I had every intention of losing weight, but actually ended the year at more than I began the year - I suck at exercise committment. I did give up pop for the most part, rarely buying for the house - but that made no difference. The secret to my fatness is lazyness. I know it - I just can't seem to motivate myself to change it. It sucks.

As far as career goes, I like the job I have now, but I want, no need, more. I really want to get back into education and that is never going to happen in Michigan because of the crappy job market in education. That is why the prospect of moving to Kentucky is all the more exciting for me. I love my boys and spending a lot of time with them, but I miss summers off and I think a teacher's schedule is a great schedule for family.

Ok, I think that is all for now - whew! I am seriously sweating after typing all that up. I didn't really think it would take that much to reflect on 2008!