Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Circus - Overrated

So we took the boys to the circus today with my mom and dad (on mom's dime too - :) Anywho - why do we keep going back? The ticket price is outrageous, $60 for 4 adults and 2 children. BUT that was because we bought tickets from the Shriners, at the box office it would have been $80 dollars -

The acts were mediocre at best. Okay, okay - I know I can not balance on a tightrope, but really neither could they - one guy barely saved himself by catching the wire at the last minute when he fell. Also, the guys who walks on the inside and outside of this rotating circle thing - yeah, he almost fell too. My heart was testing by the cost of admission, but was sent into overdrive when those guys were almost dead.

But the highlight of the evening. The man who trained cats! Nooooo, I'm not talking about lions, and tigers (and bears OH MY!) I am talking about MEOW-MEOW kitty cats!
For real.


They climbed a post - came down the post. Climbed a post - jumped off the post. I bet that trainers mother is sooooooo proud, really.

There was one act that totally impressed me! This lady was a contortionist! A TRUE CONTORTIONIST! Even Jamie commented on how he had no idea how the back of her head could touch her back while she balanced on her neck. It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen (in real life anyway! The internet is a whole 'nother story!)
So, some of you are probably thinking - she sure is complaining enough about something she didnt' even have to pay for... Well, that is true - but the torture of the circus is much worse than the hit to the pocketbook I would have taken!

So, anyway - whining, or as I like to say, honestly evaluating, is over. Here are a few pics from the circus.


Melissa said...

OMG, I didn't realize it till reading this, but...the people "almost" faling -- totally part of the act! They did that during our show too! The exact same description. What have we come to that they think they have to "stage" falls to keep us entertained? It kind of makes me sad.

Irish said...

It looks like the cotton candy was the highlight of the entire show.

Just look at that photo w/ Colt in the KNOW he's thinking "Now how can I get some Cotton candy?"

Anonymous said...

This is Grandma and the circus was great! O.K. overpriced but look at it as the high prices are for helping the Shriners. They do marvelous work with their money. The boys were soooooo excited and never forget that money is only a means. It should be spent where it brings joy and happiness to lives. Well, for me that is at the circus with my family at least once a year. Oh yeah, the cat act---your
Dad actually commented on how much he enjoyed that (heaven help me, it was a freaking cat!!!!!)LOL

Anonymous said...

mmmmm cotton candy would make the day worth it to me. :)