Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kitchen Pictures!!

So today we did the ENTIRE kitchen. From clean-up, sanding, washing walls, taping off, plastic down and painting - we did everything. (I use we loosely - I mean Jamie did do all the sanding, for which I am VERY THANKFUL - but I did everything else.He was a huge help though because he wrangled the mini-football team we have created while I worked all day - so it was a teamwork type of day!)

I even pulled out the fridge and cleaned back there and painted. You do NOT want to know how nasty it was back there.... omg.

Anyway, here are some pictures. Nothing too thrilling, because all I did was paint - but trust me, it looks better! We did stop about 1/2 way thru thinking that it was more purple than blue - but we decided it looked well enough to use :)

This pictures doesn't show the walls/ceiling as much as the counters and sink area. Just wanted you to get a feel of the whole room :)

Ok - the question of the day - curtain or no curtain? or different curtain? I'm still not sold! But I'm not gonna patch and fix the holes - so it's this or something else!


Anonymous said...

The pics looks great, sorry I didn't take a peek at it this morning when I was there visiting!! DUH!! MOM

themommie said...

I like it, great job. I think it looks better with the curtain.It looks more finished.....themommie