Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Fat Girl's Dream

So I was laying on the couch last night eating some Twizzlers - Well, exactly 9 Twizzlers to be exact - yes I counted! So I was laying on the couch and they were laying on my boobage-area and I was eating them while watching "How I Met Your Mother" (that was hilarious, by the way) and anyway I had eaten them all - and after I sulked for a few minutes (hey! They are like crack!) I was just laying there watching TV and when I went to change the channel my hand bumped into 2 more Twizzlers! Those little buggers had somehow rolled away trying to escape me.

But the funny/embarrassing? part is - when I found them I squealed like a kid on Christmas morning. seriously. Then, when I realized I did that I started cracking up to the point of making myself snort. It was a sight to see I'm sure.

I think I have issues.

No, I know I have issues.


Anonymous said...

Twizzlers are worth a squeal every.time. :D