Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow... moving... and horribly sad

With regards to Prop 8 being passed, one mom had a few things to say....

We are all equal, anything is possible, civil rights for all now...

...unless you are gay.
Thanks to everyone who took a pen and unmarried their friends and neighbors yesterday. I'm sure the horror you were experiencing because families like mine were married will be instantly relieved now that many of us are back to just "living together permanently".
But hey, you have your rights to disagree! That's the american way! We get to decide what goes on in other people's homes...that's only fair, right? I shouldn't say anything about families like mine being forced to divorce because this is a democracy!

And since I chose to be gay so emphatically because I love being teased and ridiculed, I don't really have the same rights as other Americans. So why do I get to complain. Other people really do know best for me and my's probably better that they arrange my marriage for me.

I live in MA. And my marriage is protected. But Prop 8 is every much a loss for me today.
But I guess I deserve it. How dare I consider myself equal. I'm clearly not...

This was written by Jen, mother to 3 beautiful children whom she is raising with her wife in MA.

Here is the link.