Friday, November 14, 2008


I hate our insurance company lately. It is independent Blue Cross Blue Shield and we pay almost $400/mo out of pocket just for the plan and lately we have been getting the big ole screw.

First, they only covered the first $500 of well-baby visits. Well that was taken up in TWO visits -so we had a huge out of pocket expense there.

Second, the didn't pay for the bili-light that was NECESSSARY for my son to survive... I am still waiting for that bill. If I had realized they didn't pay for it (it's about $600) I probably would have taken him back to the hospital for the treatment. It would have been a lot faster and cheaper!

Third, they (surprisingly) pay for a vasectomy for my dear husband BUT not for the post-vasectomy sperm test to make sure the vasectomy was successful. That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard - seriously. Why pay for a surgery but not the follow up test to make sure the surgery worked. Dumbass insurance company.

OH, and they didn't cover pre-natal. Colt is a golden baby for sure!


Melissa said...

LOL...I have a feeling you're gonna be making poor Colt pay for this for many years to come...poor be nice to him. And he is a golden boy because I was there to see him born!

Mary said...

My mother's insurance didn't pay for a complete rebuild after her breast cancer surgery.

effin' insurance company!