Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saving a few bucks...


So, I have taken up an interest in saving money on groceries. Not so much to "save money" but because it is a challenge that intrigues me. There is nothing better than going to the store and watching your total go from $80 to $1.20 (or something just as ridiculous!)

I have been doing the stockpiling thing lately gearing up to have a garage sale in September sometime. I have gotten a ton of deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, maxi pads, toothpaste, shave gel, aluminum foil, body wash, bar soap, etc... for FREE or close to FREE! :) But I haven't yet really been good at transfering that to good grocery savings. So far the only great deals I got on food were cereal for .50 box at Walmart (bought 56 boxes! ha!) and free pasta and pretzels from Meijer.

So my new goal is to cut down our food bill by stocking up during AWESOME sales and using coupons. Also, I am going to cut back on buying things such as fruit snacks and juice boxes and go with a cheaper snack and make kool-aid or lemonade at home.

Here is an article about how to lower your food bills.

Also, Hot Coupon World is a great site that has a forum for EVERY store and how to use the newest coupons to save a bundle!

If anyone is interested on taking this journey of savings with me - just stay tuned to my blog :) My first words of advice are KEEP ALL YOUR COUPONS FROM THE PAPER! Many times coupons that come out at the beginning of the month are GREAT on sales for the end of the month - don't throw them away until they are expired. Even if it is a coupon you think you will never use, it may become a money-maker in a great deal :)


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching! We only have WM and Krogers here, so I never seem to be able to get the 'deals' that I hear about!