Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kids Emulate Everything

First of all - is Emulate a word? It sounds like the word I want but I don't feel like checking to see. I want it to mean - act just like what they have seen- is that right?

Anyway - in the car today Hunter was pretending to be a daddy whose kid had just spilled thier pancakes (his fantasy, not mine!) This is what he was saying:

"Come in here this instant! You had better pick up every single piece of these pancakes or you are going into time out for 10 years!"

I am pretty sure I have never told them they would be in time out for 10 years - but it's possible - hey, we all have bad days!

Anyway - I was cracking up at home "grown up" he sounded!



Rebecca said...

It's a $5 word for 'copy'.

I still catch heat for the day Celia picked up her baby day, began shaking it and slamming it in to the pillow saying ""

I don't know where she learned that, but I swear I've never shaken my baby.