Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ice Cream Taste Test

I just wrote this entire f-in message out and blogger had an error - what the crap? Here I go again.


I was eating ice cream yesterday and holding Colt at the same time. You would have thought that boy knew what ice cream was b/c he was kicking his feet and leaning forward with his mouth open just trying to get a taste. He was so adamant that I decided to let him have one taste (or 10).

Yes, yes - I know he is too young for dairy. You try arguing with a baby!

Anyway - after the ice cream was gone (which I tried to eat really fast b/c I hadn't really planned on sharing it!) Colt wasn't exactly thrilled.
I mean - he was hysterical. It was quite amusing b/c the only thing wrong was the fact that he wanted more ice cream!
This just proves we are born lovin' ice cream!