Friday, September 26, 2008

What's New with Me?

I've been a little busy lately that I haven't really "chatted" about whats going on around here --- Here's whats new with me

1. My dad is still waiting to hear his official last day of work b4 he decides if/when he is going to KY to work. I called the realtor about listing our house and have yet to hear back from her, I'll call her on monday to follow up.

2. Colt was really fussing this afternoon so I took him to the dr and he had an ear infection. He wasn't running a fever though, so I had no idea. He weighed in at 12 lbs 7 oz - almost 10th percentile - FINALLY getting up there :) I did start feeding him cereal on a spoon though and he has been chowing down on that so that probably helped.

3. Hunter has been doing good in school - some mornings he has a hard time waking up and I still freakin hate waking up colt and dane EVERY DAY just to go to the bus stop - ugh. I am a member of the PTO and am the boxtop/grocery receipt/book order mom for Hunter's room :)

4. I found out there is an open position for a 1/2 time kindergarten teacher at his school - I applied and let the principal know I applied, but I am doubting I will get it b/c I don't have the Early Childhood Endorsement - even though I have an EC masters.

5. I did fill out all the paperwork to start subbing again. I am thinking about doing some subbing on Friday's just to get back into the classroom. Only at the early elementary building though - I have subbing in upper el and middle before - HELL to the NO

6. Hunter showed me his "this is how I get really big poops out" face today - really funny.

7. The boys are in gymnastics, soccer and Hunter is in Karate. Talk about over scheduling.

8. We went and got some fish today for the boys. Hunter picked out a black and white angel fish and dane got a white and gold goldfish. Hunter named his fish Gorgeous (lmao) and Dane named his fish Nemo (the other choices were goldfish and fishy fishy!)

9. Dane has turned into the child from h-e-l-l. I love him but everything! ugh!

10. Colt is starting to become more responsive and can laugh out loud now. He still loves his mama and is getting better with grandma and daddy. He likes the boys too, he is always smiling at them. Except he didn't like it so much when Dane sat on him today.

There is a quick update :)