Friday, July 25, 2008

Spider - Dane!!!

Ok - so this story really shouldn't be amusing to me - but if you would have seen Dane's face when I was talking to him about it - you would have laughed too!

So, I am sitting in the living room and the boys were in my bedroom and I heard this hellacious bang. I ran in there and see the curtain rod laying on the floor - ripped out of the wall. Instantly I was irritated b/c I know my lazy ass won't fix it for months so I told the boys "be careful when playing on the bed so you don't fall off again and pull the curtains." This is when Dane says, "I didn't fall - I was swinging on it" with the biggest, proudest grin ever. I instantly snickered and then told him to NOT swing on it. Seriously - they are, well were, held up by 2 screws total - can not hold his weight.

Unfortunately - I believe this is just the beginning of "fun" things the boys do!