Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The dilemma :(

Colt is driving me freakin' crazy at night! He's totally playing me already at 6 weeks old!

It's a catch 22 because when ever he gets fussy I want to just keep patting him/talking to him in the swing (yes, the swing - so what?) so that I don't have to pick him up BUT Jamie is working such early and long hours that I feel bad when Colt cries. THEREFORE I always pick him up and end up holding him in my arms practically all night :(

I don't really know the solution to this problem BUT I DO KNOW that my freakin' back is so sore from sleeping in the same position all night long every night :(

The real kicker - the little punk (and I say that with the warmest of affection) has been sleeping, BY HIMSELF, for almost 3 hours now with no fussing at all. WTF? Why can't he do that at night!