Thursday, July 24, 2008

Colt's Nuclear Scan and why I deserve WMOTY award!

Colt has his nuclear scan today. The test went ok - it would have been better if I had asked more questions. Like, I had no idea that after they injected the dye into his veins we had to wait 1.5 hours to do the test or that the test takes an hour. I felt like we were there all day. I kinda cheated a little and fed him at 7:45 rather than 7 b/c I didn't want to hear him screaming - and everything went just as planned - no issues and no hungry screaming.

The did mess up the first injection though - and when she went to pull it out - her arm caugh the needle, and it turned sideways INSIDE his hand - UGH! I know it hurt bad too b/c he was screaming. The did get it in the 2nd try though. Then he slept the 1.5 hours and screamed again when they gave him the sedation medicine. He is doing ok now- really crabby (which they said is normal) and his head is flopping around again like a newborn (which is normal since the sedation meds are still in his system) He should be fine by tommorrow.

(you were wondering what that meant, weren't you?)

So I went to the pharmacy to pick up Colt's Bactrim antibiotic that he is supposed to start tommmorrow--- I noticed the name on the medicine was you see where this is going... I have been giving him the freaking bactrim for 10 days and have not given him any thrush medicine at all yet! ugh! Apparently, when I went to pick up the thrush medicine last Monday - the nurse had already called in the Bactrim and they didn't look for more than 1 script and I didn't realize that was there - so I took home the wrong meds. I didn't notice b/c the name on the bottle wasn't "bactrim" but some other name... I suck as a mom. No wonder the thrush isn't gone yet!

NO thrush medicine...double antibiotics... what a dumbass I am.