Thursday, April 24, 2008

O.M.G - Can you say Dane Jr!!!

So I had an ultrasound today at 35 weeks and Colt is looking good. The doctors are a little concerned b/c 6 weeks ago he was 75%ile in weight and now he is 25%ile in weight and because of the large drop they want to monitor him a little closely (but 25%ile is still good!) So starting next week I go for weekly NST's.

The only major concern was the Kidney issue again. 6 weeks ago it was at .86 ml and today it was at 1.56ml and the specialist had told us as long as it doesn't get larger than 1 ml, it wasn't a cause for concern...well, it is obviously bigger than that now so my OB is calling the specialist to get her recommendation. It looks like he may be induced early just to make sure he doesn't damage the kidney. But I am not overly worried (yet) because he is 35 weeks and already over 5 lbs, so I am sure if I have to deliver early, he would be just fine :)

Anyway, back to the Dane Jr. thing - HOLY CRAP! Look at these pics of Colt and compare it to a 1 month picture of Dane (sorry about the quality, but it is a pic of a pic)- freaky similar!!! Since Dane is affectionately known as Tor-DANE-o, we are hoping this one doesn't need to be called Lightening COLT :)


Irish said...

FIRST!!! I'm first!
They look way to much alike. Are you sure they're not twins, seperated by 3 years? LOL.

Melissa said...

Total Dane Jr!