Sunday, April 13, 2008

My most embarrassing moment ever!

So last week was Hunter's Kindergarten I took him there to do his assessment, and after his assessment I was sitting there talking to his speech teacher as he was drawing pictures.

He started with drawing "daddy" and then he said "I am going to draw you mama" and I said ok - and I was just talking with his speech teacher and looked over and realized he drew a picture of me - complete with ummm, "hair down there"!!!!!! I saw his teacher look at it, and so I quickly closed it and said "ok, let's go!"

I don't know if she saw it or not - but OMG - seriously Hunter?!!? I am hoping that she may not have noticed because the way he draws hair is like straight lines, so she may not have known that is what it was... So after we left I said "Hunter why did you draw that" and then he said "well, you do have hair there!" like it was just that simple ....

The picture of embarrassment!

*going to curl up and die now*


the driftwood collector said...

Too funny! Yeah, I would have been embarassed too.