Friday, April 25, 2008

A little freaked out...

So, I knew that once I got knocked up, labor would eventually follow - but I STILL am a little freaked out that it is so soon now!!
Last night my pregnancy hormones were in overdrive thinking "OH, I can't wait to see Colt" and then instantaneously thinking "oh f*ck, this shit is going to huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttttttttt!"
Funny Story: I was at my mom and dad's the other day and I was expressing my fear of going thru labor again and my dad, in typical male fashion, said "Why are you scared - you've already did it twice?" Well, before I could say anything my mom's head whipped around and she said "THAT IS WHY SHE IS SCARED ASSHOLE!" in the most serious tone. I about died laughing. Men can be so clueless sometimes :)
Anyway - today I am more focused on just having a healthy baby and not the labor pains - I will save that worry for the hospital trip :)