Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Home & School Screenings

We got back home last night from Michigan - looooong drive! It was so totally worth it though to spend the weekend with family, we made a ton of memories this weekend which I will hold in my heart during the long months we can't see each other.

When we got back into Kentucky last night we stayed at mom and dad's house because the baby was there and I was missing him REALLY bad! Anyway - he was already sleeping - but this morning he climbed up on me and laid his head on my chest for a long time just snuggling. It was so nice to hold him again. But then the cutest thing ever happened - Dane woke up and Colt was so overcome with emotion he kept hugging and kissing Dane over and over and over. Hugs and kisses are rare for Colt so for him to be so enthusiastic was so heart-warming. My boys really really love each other. Dane was just as excited to see him too. Hunter got the same treatment from Colt BUT not as drawn out as it was with Dane.

Today was school assessment day. I am trying to get Dane into the preschool at the school and it appears he may qualify based on his speech evaluation. He will do further evaluations the week of August 10th to see if he qualifies. They both did good overall though - my boys are getting so BIG!