Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Star Wars Dane Wars

Dane is addicted to Lego Star Wars for the Wii. A-DDIC-TED. I have started setting a timer for him because if I didn't - he would play all day long. I will admit for a 3 year old he had some mad skills - he is getting better and better and can navigate a lot of boards that he couldn't at first.

It is a good game for the younger crowd - I think it was hard finding games that were appropriate for EC (early childhood) for the Wii, but now we have quite a few. The boys love Carnival Games, Circus Games, Wii Fit and Lego Star Wars.

Don't tell them, but for Easter we are going to get them Lego Batman for the Wii. They have been asking for it - but really we are getting it because Jamie and I are getting bored of Star Wars (oh, did I forget to mention that we are slightly addicted to that game too! lol)


Melissa said...

Lego Indiana Jones is better...I love it. Oh...and William is insisting on an Indiana Jones birthday party now. Crap..Batman would be so much easier to find stuff for.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and wow..hope you don't use that potty mouth around your kids.Everything we say around our children, believe me, is remembered and used by them..

Amanda said...

Thanks for your concern Anonymous... I will take it very seriously.