Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hunter Can WORK It!

So, I am writing this quick note before I forget what he did this morning. While we were waiting for the bus, Hunter and Dane were being mean to each other - typical bus stop morning. Well this morning, Hunter grabbed Dane around the neck for something (who ever really knows!) and so I gave his hand a little pinch. I am a firm believer in if you can dish it - then you can take it.

Well, anywho- he FREAKED out over the pinch and just started mouthing off - bad. Fortunately for him and his future life - the bus was pulling up so I calmly said "Now, when you get home from school you can go straight to bed - think about that all day." He instantly got that "oh crap - I'm sorry - I'm sorry - I'm sorry" face as he got out of the car. So he started across the road to the bus - got half way there, turned around and blew me like 5 kisses with the sweetest most innocent smile ever. HA! He NEVER blows me kisses - he was totally trying to butter me up!!!! lol Well, it worked - I was cracking up.