Monday, May 5, 2008

I cooked dinner tonight!

Whereas you may not think that warrants it's own blog entry - trust me, it does. It is not a daily occurance at my house. It was a good dinner too - baked/bbq chicken breasts, boiled potatoes, french bread and corn - Damn - I am as good as Martha FREAKIN' Stewart! (well, minus the millions of embezzled funds!)

For those of you who were near heart attack stage when you realized I ACTUALLY cooked dinner - you may want to skip the next part of this post.


I CLEANED THE KITCHEN WHILE COOKING DINNER TOO! Dishes (before they were Febreezed), wiped all the counters down, swept, mopped (well, rubbed a washcloth over the nasty spots with my foot) and even got lunches packed already for tommorrow.

I hope this is what nesting feels like - and I HOPE that means labor is soon - very soon! Hell, I think that deserves a dialation of 1 cm. in itself!