Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Punching doors = not good

Soooooooo, I was rolling over in bed last night b/c I CAN'T get comfortable unless I am on my belly and well, being 28 weeks preggo it's more like balancing on a basketball so that just doesn't work. So I was doing one of my 1800 flips and this time I grabbed the blanket to go with me b/c Hunter is in bed with us rolling around. Well, as I roll I yank the blanket and PUNCHED the bedroom door. That is not something that is fun to do just in case you were wondering.


Cake said...

Ouch! I'm already sleeping like shit, how fair is that? Pregnants should sleep like the dead to store up energy for the coming sleepless nights, right?

Anonymous said...

that is funny sh--!!!