Monday, March 17, 2008


So I know I said I was going shopping earlier...but I decided to be (slightly) productive before hand.

See what I can do!

Yep, that's caulk you see on that tub. Aren't you impressed by my mad caulking skills.
BARGAIN ALERT: Only cost $2.27 for the caulk!

So, I painted the letters for the baby AND painted white rectangles AND hung up the letters AND hung up the new curtains - Don't you wish you were as talented as me! (I am so so so glad Jamie didn't name the baby something long like Ricardo or JimBobJoe because 4 letters/rectangles was MORE than enough!)
BARGAIN ALERT: The letters and paint only cost around $10.00 and I got the entire bedding set (sheet, blanket, diaper stacker, 2 curtains, toy holder and bumper for $32!)
Yeah - I rock!
OH - and in case you were wondering...yes, it took me longer to take pics, upload and type up a blog than it did to caulk the tub and hang the letters. LMAO


the driftwood collector said...

The letters look great. Where did you get the supplies?

Anonymous said...

Colt's room looks awesome. Did your mother teach you all of your mad painting skills??? Huh, did she????