Tuesday, December 25, 2007

People that we love

So I decided to talk to Hunter about how Christmas Time was also a time to think about the people we love. This is an "actual" transcript.

A) Hunter - Christmas time is a time to also think about the people we love.


A) I love daddy.

H) I love grandma. (of course)

A) I love Hunter.

H) I love Dane.

A) I love Dane too.

H) I love Captain Jack Sparrow (wth???)

A) I love Grandma.

H) I love that lamp. (The broken one at that.)

A) I love Papa.

H) I love my lips.

A: I love all of my cousins.

H) I love my suits.

A) Your what?

H) My suits, you know - Like batman and superman??? (DUH MA!)

This is where I ended this oh, so important conversation. I figured if I didn't rank above the broken lamp all hope was lost :)