Sunday, February 24, 2008

What they will say to get out of a nap...

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about Dane telling me I was NOT pretty and NOT a princess... apparently, when I want him to take a nap - I become it's a whole 'nother story.

Scene: Laying in my bed watching I, Robot
Cast: Dane & Mama
Script: (obviously a fiction)

Mama: Dane, now that is enough playing around... I want you to lay down and go to sleep now.

Dane: (looks lovingly at mama) Mama, you is sooooooo pretty. (blink, blink)

Mama: Sure, sure. You still have to take a nap.

At the point in the script Dane gives up and goes to sleep. I guess if that whopper of a lie doesn't get him out of a nap - nothing will


Anonymous said...

I think you're pretty too...can I borrow $20?
~ Missy

Cake said...

I think you're hot! smooch smooch But, does he know the answer to "Does this make me look fat?" ;)