Saturday, November 17, 2007

How is it possible....

Parenthood is jacked up. How is it possible that in one minute I want to strangle the living crap out of my "lovely" children, and in the next minute I couldn't love them anymore if I tried? So I have a new theory - it isn't estrogen that causes all of the highs and lows throughout the day - it's children. My boys know just what to do to annoy the living shit out of me, and yet make it ok by saying "I love you mama" That messes with you!!!

Ah well, I am sure I am not the first mom to come to that epiphany. Hunter actually said to me the other day (after irritating the shit out of me of course!) "Mama, you are the prettiest, nicest mama in the whole wide world" LMFAO! He's such a kiss-butt!!! lol

Well, I am the he was 1/2 right ;)


So we have been up to nothing lately. Jamie has been working an assinine amount of hours, unfortunately those aren't all paid hours! Ah well, it will come soon enough! Hunter is doing really good in pre-school. He learned how to write his name last week, his full name and he never misses a letter (I almost cried!) Prior to that he signed his name "t H" , so this was definitely an improvement. You can tell he is so proud of himself.

Dane potty-trained even easier than Hunter, and Hunter was easy! I guess I got lucky both times. He does really good too - usually no accidents at nap time or night time either. Trust me, I needed this 7 1/2 month break from diapers since it has only been f-o-u-r l-o-n-n-n-n-n-g years that I have been changing diapers!

My mom said she is done babysitting when this baby is born (sure Connie, sure) I know she will love this baby just as much as the first 2. Dad told me the other day that he hopes it's a girl. I was shocked because he never said either way with both boys, he just said "happy, healthy baby." I almost wonder if he wants it to be a girl because he knows that is what I want :) He's an awesome dad and papa. (don't worry mom, you rock too! Just ask the boys - they love you more than even Jamie and I!)

Well - that is all for now, as if that isn't enough! Drop me a comment and tell me how much you love, hate, or can't stand my blog :) TOODLES!


Anonymous said...

you suck! William was pooping ALL day yesterday and today. It is disgusting! YECH!