Thursday, October 4, 2007

"You a Bich Mama"

Yes, that is what my 3 (almost 4) year old said to me last night when getting ready for his bath. My jaw hit the floor. I said "Did you just call me a bitch" and he said "yep" with the biggest shit-eating grin ever! So - this is one of those mommy test moments that you MUST NOT FAIL - yeah, I think I failed. Well, unless laughing is passing, but I doubt it is.

Anyway, after my not so discreet giggle we had a little talk about how that is a bad word and he isn't allowed to say it. He said "OK." I could tell he actually knew it was a bad word and was just testing me, so he wasn't really surprised that I told him to not say it again. He told me he heard it at school from a friend - who knows, he honestly could have heard it from me - or The View said 'bitch' about 200 times yesterday, so who knows...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I did what every good, no GREAT, mother would do - I threatened him that if he ever said it again he would NOT have a birthday party! Yes I did - it was the only way to go. Threats may not be the most PC punishment, but they sure are the most effective. He even made a point to tell me after school that he didn't say any bad words - see, my threats worked!

Honestly - the biggest shocker of the day was that Hunter said it before Dane - I was positive I would get cussed out by Dane first... it's only a matter of days and honestly, some days I know he is cussing in his own language...