Friday, September 21, 2007

Knocked up with Erick's Love Child...

Ok - So some of you may not know that I just found out I was preggo with #3! My husband, Jamie, and I are SUPER thrilled and can't wait until May when our newest bundle of crys and shitty diapers will be here! I am mentally creating pro's and con's for either gender - see what you think.

Girl Pros
~More estrogen in the house
~All the CUTE pink clothes
~Already have 2 sons
~Girls never "marry off" to a new fam

Girl Cons
~More estrogen in the house
~Have to purchase ALL new clothes and redo nursery
~Teenage years

(I probably could have thought of another negative for girls, but SHIT, I was talking myself out of wanting a daughter!)

Boy Pros
~Have the nursery done
~Have tons of clothes

Boy Cons
~I will be the only female in a house of 4
~How much more wrestling/shooting/fighting can I seriously handle?

In all honesty, I just really want a healthy (female) baby - I mean healthy (girl) baby - - wait, seriously, I just want a healthy baby AND easy labor and delivery!

Oh, and as far as the title goes - it's not really Erick's love child, but I wanted you to read the entire post looking for the juicy details. Come on, give me some credit - Erick and I keep that on the down low! (Just Kidding Jamie! Love you!)


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